Presented by Within, in association with Annapurna Pictures, with music by Justice, in this mutliplayer VR music video up to 6 friends are transformed into fantastical female warriors from different corners of the universe, banding together to battle evil with dance lasers in this epic 80's fantasy movie journey of empowerment, all orchestrated by the song Chorus by Justice.

Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival New Frontier - 2018
Official Selection - SXSW - Virtual Cinema - 2018

More coming soon...


Presented byWithin
In Association withAnnapurna Pictures
A VR Experience byGentle Manhands
Creator / DirectorTyler Hurd
Produced byChris Milk
Megan Ellison
Aaron Koblin
Executive ProducersAdam Rogers
Chan Park
Jonathan Ahdout
Samantha Scher
Jess Engel
Associate ProducersSpencer Burnham
Robin Cho
Michael Mullen
Project ManagerAdam Rogers
Multiplayer ProgrammerAtley Loughridge
GFX ProgrammerKael Barton
Additional ProgrammingJoe Virskus
Concept ArtistCassey Kuo
3D ModellersJane Wang
Christina Ku
3D ArtistShawn Witt
3D Lighting ArtistDawn Rivers
VR PuppeteerTyler Hurd
VFX ArtistDavid (DJ) Johnson
Voice Talent & WriterMelesande Hurd
Original RecordingChorus by Justice
from Woman
© 2016 GENESIS
Volumetric Crystal Shader TechFunktronic Labs
Special ThanksMelesande Hurd
Joe Virskus