Old Friend

A room scale VR music video experience set to the song Old Friend by Future Islands. Presented by Wevr, available now on Transport Premium. For HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, this animated psychedelic dance party digs deep to pull out as much nonsensical joy as possible from the viewer with a barrage of bright colors, fun interactions, and happy bouncy characters having the best time. It's contagious. Tyler worked alone on all the visual elements, and got some dance inspiration help from close friends and family.

Winner - "Best Animated Experience" - Kaleidoscope World Tour - International Premiere - 2016
Official Selection - Tribeca Film Festival, Virtual Arcade - US Premiere - 2016
Official Selection - Chromatic Festival - 2017
Nomination - "Best Music Experience" - Proto Awards - 2016
Nomination - "Most Transformative Experience" - Proto Awards - 2016


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Dance party

Check out the lovely people that created wicked stupid dance moves for Old Friend:


Presented byWevr
A VR Experience byGentle Manhands
Executive ProducersAnthony Batt
Neville Spiteri
Tyler Hurd
CreatorTyler Hurd
Animator & ProgrammerTyler Hurd
Dance Moves byGabe Askew, Jemma Cullen, Lara Podmore, Liz Maher, Anna Kipnis, Nathan Stapley, Brad Fotsch, Jay Doherty, Melesande Perera, Matthew Bice, Sonya Z Mehta, Anshuman Duneja, Greg Rice, Shawne Benson, David Hellman, Rene & Selena Pinnell, Malena Graham James & Carson Annable, Joseph Virskus, Matthew Campbell, Rachel Little, Baldur Helgason, Patty Spyrakos, Brittany Triton & Cia Hurd
Poster DesignDavid Vegezzi
Jamie Tan
MarketingJohn Albert
Mixed Reality TechnicianSteve Galle
Trailer CastAaron Meyers
Penny Folger
Ramiro Duran
Sami Ramly
Scott Stephan
Zeynep Abes
Original RecordingOld Friend by Future Islands
from Wave Like Home
© 2008 Upset the Rhythm
Special ThanksMelesande Perera
Rene Pinnell - Kaleidoscope VR
Mark De Pace - Ghost Robot
Chet Faliszek - Valve
Patrick Hackett, Drew Skillman, Paul Dubois - Google
Joseph Virskus