Beach Body Bros

Beach Body Bros is a 4 minute room scale VR experience for the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.

Presented by Oculus Medium, Beach Body Bros sets you as a puny wimp marching on a mirrored beach world filled with encouraging bros. As you march and pump iron your muscles quickly bulk up (like a weekend costco run) and you level up to heavier weights while rocking to a wicked 80s montage track. The bros watch and cheer you on in amazement as you transform into a hulking pile of meat, glistening in the sunset.

Beach Body Bros is a test case for using Oculus medium as a production ready sculpting tool. Read more about that HERE.

Official Selection - Siggraph 2019 - VR Arcade

More coming soon...


Presented byOculus Medium
A VR Experience byGentle Manhands
Created byTyler Hurd
Voice TalentDan Lyon
Darren Dolynski
Razmig Mavlian
Ernest James Walker
Melesande Hurd
Tyler Hurd
Medium ArtistRazmig Mavlian
3D AnimatorRachel Little
3D ArtistShawn Witt
ProgrammerKael Barton
Character Technical DirectorTyler Hurd
Additional ProgrammingJoseph Virskus
ProducersAdam Rogers
Kelli Townley
Naomi Cornman
MarketingJonathan Gleit
Naomi Cornman
Brent Armstrong
Original Music byBeams
Matthew Bice
Dan Lyon
Drew Skillman
Tyler Hurd
Special ThanksOren Hurd